A spiritual nutrition program for mind, body and soul.

Is your body calling you to free yourself from fear, tension and ‘density’? Wouldn’t you love to feel an overall sense of incredible lightness, wellbeing and alignment?


Unleash your authentic glow during this 30 day, guided + online program.

thumbs_flow yourself into alignment

Feel lighter
sleep better.

thumbs_feel lighter sleep better

Flow yourself into alignment.

thumbs_discover what it feel likes

Discover what it feels like when your cells vibrantly shine in optimal health.

thumbs_get glowing skin

Get glowing skin.

thumbs_release unwanted weight

Release unwanted weight
(because waste=weight)


Beautiful Body Cleanse Details:

You can live anywhere to participate in our cleanse as it is online! You will join our team of clients and coaches from around the world who are committed to aligned, holistic and authentic living.

The Beautiful Body CleanseTM is a 30 day program designed to lighten your mind, body and spirit and nourish every cell in your body with goodness and love.

Your journey begins with your welcome package (include a stunning ebook, recipes, grocery list, weekly intention tracker and instructional video). Your journey will continue for the next 30 days of instruction, mentorship and daily emails and videos. You will also be invited to join our private online community where we will hold sacred space for you and your most radiant state of vibrant health.

We invite you to treat yourself and experience your most radiant state of high vibrational living and lightness.


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What is included?
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The Beautiful Body CleanseTM ebook.
Coaching throughout the program.

Daily emails and tools.
Beautiful Body CleanseTM Supplements (we have selected the top nutritionals in the world as our product partner- USANA Health Sciences).
Access to our private community of clients and coaches from around the globe.

About the founder:
leanne_about the founder

Leanne Jacobs retired at the age of 33 so she could get started on her true calling- inspiring seekers from around the globe to unleash themselves into greatness. Her 2 greatest passions include: 1) mentoring her global clients to retire early so they can serve the world as spiritual leaders 2) coaching her global clients to achieve an optimal state of holistic health and happiness.

Leanne is also a mother of 4 beautiful children and the author of the upcoming book ‘Beautiful MoneyTM ’. She has her degree in Biomedical Toxicology as well as her MBA. She is a certified clinical nutritionist as well as certified as both a pilates and yoga instructor. Leanne also holds her Level 1 Reiki certification. She adores her hubby, her kids, her friends and family, music, global travel, yoga, running, nature, movies and serving all those who seek spiritual + leadership development.

Interested in Becoming a Beautiful Body Coach?

If you are currently a coach or health expert (nutritionist, yoga instructor, pilates instructor, life coach, personal trainer, author, speaker, etc.) and you would like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you! We will train you, mentor you and guide you every step of the way!